The Rennbuckel-Realschule is a small school in the north of Karlsruhe for students aged 10 to 16. It is built up with two classes per year and has an impressive learning concept.

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

This is the guiding principle of all those involved in school life. Here the basic character of our school becomes visible -- that one can only teach, educate and accompany pupils into life together.

Digital equipment
Our small school has a good supply of a modern technical equipment, so that it is possible for us to offer a media profile together with all teachers (also Apple teachers) at the school, whose goal it is to prepare the "children of today for the future of tomorrow". The PC and also the tablet (in our case the iPad), are used in daily lessons (BYOD), in which the critical and capable handling of the mobile devices is being taught. In addition, the Rennbuckel-Realschule, with its intensive vocational preparation, releases the young people into life with a focus on their strengths.

For our children, growing up with smartphones and the Internet is an everyday occurrence. With a well-thought-out media competence curriculum, we accompany the pupils on their way to adulthood.

We demonstrated the reality and success of our media curriculum through our application as a Smart-School. In the last academic year, we were awarded the Smart-School nomination by the largest industry association in the digital economy!

Cooperation in international Erasmus + projects
We benefit from the skills we have acquired in the area of mobile learning from Erasmus + projects. The international exchange in the field of mobile learning is of enormous importance, as mobile devices have found their way into all areas of education around the world. The work on the international projects helps us to further improve the teaching of our students, as we can also rely on didactic models (iPAC framework).

Sports Profile
In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, we also offer optimal sports conditions, which allow us to realize a proven sports profile. Health promotion, competitions, performance and social learning are in the foreground.

We think school new!!!

Bonnerstraße 22
76185 Karlsruhe
telephone: 0049 721 1334596